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My Story

I am Polish, but thanks to my marriage to Forever so many years ago, I live happily in Arizona.

Forever Living is a part of our family thanks to my husband Sebastian's parents: Jan and Bogumila Sroka. They happen to be some of the best FLP Distributors in Poland since the very beginning of the company in this country, and now are some of the best in the World. Diamond-Sapphire Managers, 7500 cc achievers, and GLT members, they are the leaders of the Forever community and the best role models for our family. You can imagine that joining Forever was a natural step for us, especially since we have been using most of  Forever's products all those years. We have been loving all of the aloe products, and have always been the best customers for our own Forever business.

I was inspired by my in-laws yet again, and we moved to the United States in 2000. Jan and Bogumila started building their Forever groups here. I think this was the point when both our family and our business started to “operate globally”. Since this time, both Poland and the US have been our homes and platform to grow our family business.

We achieved the Senior Manager position with our groups on the East Coast, and at the same time I devoted years to reach my dream summit, becoming an Interior Designer, and working for a great architectural company. I finally did it, and started to work. I loved the job, earned decent money, but after some time, I realized that I had a ceiling above me, and I might be able to reach it, but no higher. This is how the corporate world works. I imagined my life 10 years into the future, and … I did not like this picture.

After all those years fighting in a new country, I knew that I could be whoever I want, and in whatever place in the World I liked, but I chose Forever, a company that our family has been bound to for 20 years, and is providing a great and rich life for all of us. My exceptional parents-in-law, and all of their children with their families, including myself, live well with Forever in our lives. Everyone in our family has different qualities, skills, and experience, and we all help each other with training, presentations, and working with down-lines, both in Poland and the US, and this is a true family business that lasts forever.

Now we live in Arizona, happy to be so close to the Home Office, working hard to grow our down-lines in the Valley. I am very fortunate to have many positive, fun, and open girls in my group, and together with some of Bogumila's Distributors we make the greatest team, that will make Arizona strong. We all work together, have biweekly open meetings, do workshops, have presentations, and share experiences. There is no competition in Forever, the more you give, the more you get back, and this is the beauty of this business.

Every year I travel to Poland for the summer vacation with my son, and bring my in-laws back with me for a couple of months; and every year they bring with them new experiences, new energy, and new, fresh training for everyone in Arizona. I am sure this is going to boost our businesses a lot, and I cannot wait for the results.

It is never too late to start fresh with a great chance to succeed, with the greatest company in the World, especially having such superb Sponsors.

FOREVER has helped millions of people, from all around the world, achieve dreams that they never imagined possible.

FOREVER has given me the chance to share a wonderful opportunity and amazing products with the entire world. I have achieved financial independence and better health through this amazing opportunity. If you are serious about your health and taking control of your financial future, then FOREVER is the perfect opportunity for you!